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                                                                                                    SEPTEMBER 2003

Dear friends,

As the title of this report indicates, I will focus on the word , discern, and why it is so significant today. God's word clearly states that apostasy will infiltrate the Church of Jesus Christ in these last days. We are to examine all things and try to seek " God's absolutes, not man's obsoletes." 1 Thessalonians 5 : 21 says we are to " prove all things and hold fast to that which is good ". Based on scripture, the word " all " means a lot today, as almost " all " that is occurring today is not of God ! Evil is becoming good , good is becoming evil, evil prophets are becoming good, and good prophets are becoming evil. The word discern appears 26 times in the Bible and means a divine skill of separating God's ways from man's ways. We are called to " expose and oppose " paganism until Christ comes to " depose " it. God's plan will be fulfilled and we have to ask ourselves, are we going to fulfill it for Christ or antichrist? A holy God is not going to apologize for His judgement that hit Sodom and Gomorrah ! The hourglass in the M logo shows the sands of time running out, so our REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH.

In regards to my small-town perspective, I have heard it put forth that you have to go to expensive colleges or relocate to D.C., L.A., or some other large center of " affluence or influence ", to be credible. I beg to differ. Too many young Christians get their simple faith destroyed by the seminaries ( cemeteries ). Christ had a very limited ministry, geographically, but surely not spiritually. Let us listen to God and obey our calling , and not be swayed by so-called " conservative " personalities, two-party ( same party ) political agendas, man-made faith, humanistic, over-sized media centers, or millionaire T.V. " evangelists ", Colossians 2: 8 . We can contend for the faith no matter where we are. Paul the apostle received some of his best inspiration in a dungeon !


No doubt everyone is asking , whats this " i " word ? Well , I have had this topic on my mind for well over 20 years, and I have finally decided to print some facts on it. The word is INSURANCE and it may as well be a synonym for idolatry or infidelity , and surely not " IN "tegrity! Some will no doubt ask , " but, brother Dino, what does this have to do with the Bible or with Christ? A holy God has providence and sovereignty over everything under the sun and under The Son. Everything is either ruled by the Holy  Spirit from above or the unholy spirit from below, and we have an obligation to discern which " category" it falls under. Some verses to use include the following : " And have no fellowship with the unfruitfulworks of darkness, but rather reprove them. " Ephesians 5: 11

" He that is greedy of gain troubleth his own house, but he that hateth gifts shall live. " Proverbs 15: 27

" But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ ." Philippians 4: 19

" The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want ." Psalm 23: 1

" The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge ...... " Proverbs 1: 7

I will use about 45 verses for reference with this printing, but I must give out a small warning to the readers this time. This will be a very controversial newsletter , and this will " make no small stir ", but I will try to say what God would say, not what man feels or thinks. The majority of this will be simple common sense, so anything beyond common sense is all nonsense!

If you even have only one " ticking brain cell left " , and you " observe instead of just look " at what is transpiring today, its easy to see the biggest sign of how late the hour is. PEACE AND SAFETY is the rage! The nonessential A.B.C. federal agencies think we are all a bunch of mental midgets, as evidenced by a recent discovery by me. I noticed a sticker on a simple step ladder that contained almost 25 " steps " on how to use it safely! Soon bike helmets will be mandatory for all kids, because everyone is so paronoid about getting injured, thanks to the evil scourge of " liability coverage." Whats next? Safety shoes and helmets for suicide terrorists and kamikazee pilots? If you see the hypocrisy of some of the insurance billboards today, it should make you think twice about who they really care about. Here is a few examples-- " peace of mind in a risky world, lets get together and talk about life, your in good hands with Allstate, a promise of security, like a good neighbor, we are there for you, insuring the future,etc. We have been brainwashed into a mindset of " now we are free to enjoy life and take all kinds of risks," BECAUSE WE ARE COVERED!" Of course, this is all for a " modest fee , " but the " fees " are getting more and more expensive.

In regards to insurance scams, here is one of the most agregious. Its called " terrorist insurance" on high-rise buildings. This all came into reality since the 9-11 attack. We have seen an escalation of fear, paranoia, suspicion, chronic distrust, and dependence on man and not God in the last two years.

Of course, when folks have become so dependant on " D.C. , AND NOT J.C. " , what do you expect? I am reminded of the Israelites who were in extreme bondage ( in Egypt ) for about 400 years, and said is was time to trust God and " depart " into the desert. Yet, after they got out into the wilderness where God was to provide for them, most wanted to go back to Egypt!! We are taking so many " benefits " from the feds these days, we may as well be living in Egypt. Even Christians will turn down a high-paying opportunity, because they have no " bennys." TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE HAVING " BENNY FITS " ABOUT THE BENEFITS!

Whoever controls the most money today, controls the most people. The insurance companies have the biggest buildings today, and a close second are the banks, the medical institutions, the feds, and the large, incorporated, mega-churches. I say we ought to change it from Mega-church to Messiah-church! Phillipians 4: 19 says God will supply all my needs, but in the last 50 years we have changed the God word to Gov.! The real shame of this mindset is that it seems to be isolating itself in the nations who are the most " prosperous! " Two profound questions for us all-- If the richest nations are paying the most insurance premiums, and the poor nations are paying hardly any, does that mean we are also trying to " insure our greed ?" And how about the home churches in India or China. I wonder how much " insurance " they carry on the buildings? I have heard some churches in this nation pay out over 100,000 dollars per year in liability insurance! I guess thet kind of negates Proverbs 3: 9 which says to give your " firstfruits " to the Lord.

As far as the court system goes in this country, the whole thing is not of God anymore. Jesus solidly rebuked the lawyers in Luke 11 and if you think they have gotten " more honest " in the last 2000 years, then you must be"perusing under a pier in Peru! "We have forgetten how to avoid the courts ( as Christ said in Matthew 5: 25 ) ,so the system is so slow and fraudulent, it takes years to do one case! This is in Ecclesiastes 8: 11," because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil ! " The 10 Commandments have been replaced by the "10 million commandments " ( walls of laws and lures of rules ) , and why put up the " main ten " in the govt. schools when most of the churches do not have them up!? We are now trying to legislate morality and " cover " our needless, high living standards by " insuring " them.

Allow me to expand on some forms of insurance. Health is the most expensive one , BUT THE BEST ONE TO HAVE IS A PROPER DIET! Now I see some states have mandatory car insurance, which means you face a fine for not having it! We are being insured to death in this nation, and you cant afford to be born, get sick , or die. Maybe we need to get some bicycle insurance! OH, I BETTER NOT GIVE THEM ANY IDEAS. There are , no doubt, dozens of forms of insurance that we think we " have to have to survive " , but the early " survivalists" ( the martyrs, disciples, pioneers, explorers, and founders ) HAD NONE , BECAUSE THEY TRUSTED GOD 100% ! One " trusted company " gave me a quote once on health ins. About 6 years ago and it was over 600 dollars per month, and we were making 900 per month to live on. I wonder what it is today for the " coverage ? "

I am now going to expose the biggest " sham, scam , scheme, and scandal " of all , and that is the life industry. I do not need permission from the agents, the ins. commissioner, the F.T.C., or the " righteous robots " of D.C. to do this. All I need is the proper documentation ( which I have ), but Gods Word should suffice! Here are some verses that shows a holy God hates and warns us about the love of money and getting it dishonestly. Proverbs 15: 27 ( greed ), 1Tim. 3: 3, Titus 1: 7, 11, 1 Peter 5: 2 ( filthy lucre ), Ezekiel 22: 12, Isaiah 16: 4, Psalm 109: 11, Matthew 23: 25, Luke 18: 11, 1 Cor. 5: 11-13 ( extortion ) , Proverbs 11: 1, 16: 11, 20: 23, Amos 8: 5, Hosea 12: 7 ( false balances ), and Ezekiel 22: 27,28 ( dishonest gain ). IS THE LIFE INDUSTRY " ON THE UP AND UP ? " NO ! The entire life insurance industry was investigated in 1979 and 1992 and they were found to be " industrialized all right . " Industriously crooked ! The honest cash value concept is a lie from hell. It was reported 12 years ago that the life entity had about 65 to 70% of the wealth in this nation! Now, as a believer in Christ, can you think for one second that an entity can " obtain " this much wealth in less than a 100 years , AND DO IT HONESTLY?

Lets check the facts on how the " policies " work. The client sets an amount to cover his death ( for the wife, kids, etc.) and uses interest and dividends to build up a savings account. The following is the " dead truth about life ins." If you die early, the company keeps your cash buildup for its own use, instead of giving it your survivors! The rate of return is minus 100% the first one to five years! You must pay interest ( in some cases , over 5% ) to borrow your own money from this " investment ! " You cannot IRA qualify this money! When you do borrow money from this, the company can " legally " hold onto the money for up to six months from the date you request them! The dividends are not a true dividend, but are a partial return of a deliberate overcharge! Millions of duped sheep ( including Christians ) own this theft.

Common sense would indicate this is no " level investment" , but an " evil invention " and it has been " in progress" in this nation since 1877. HOW MANY FOLKS ACTUALLY READ THE POLICY BEFORE THEY SIGN IT? I have been told " its so complicated and full of unknown terms I do not understand ." This reminds me of the very same excuse that too many Christians use for not reading the whole Bible, particularly Revelation!

Well, as long as I " sign my John Henry, and read my John 3: 16 ", that is all I need to know. God is ending strong delusion , and most will get " ripped off " monetarily and eternally! If you " back track " about three paragraphs, all of the verses listed apply to this garbage. Proverbs 28 is a very good read on the evil of "unrighteous richness ."

Is there a solution to this situation? YES, ALL COMPLICATED PROBLEMS HAVE AN EASY SOLUTION, but not if you leave God out of the equation! Here are some verses to look up on charity-- Romans 12 : 13. 1 Cor. 12, 13, and 14. Galations 6: 10. Jesus said in Matthew 10: 8,9 to " receive freely and give freely and not to focus on the money." Whatever happened to that concept, brothers and sisters? We have handed it over to " Big Brother " ( the beast govt. ) , instead of " Blood Brother "( the remnant in Christ )!! Are we living below our means in America? THE EVIDENCE SAYS A RESOUNDING NO. " The Lord is my shepherd , I SHALL NOT WANT." I have heard the last four words interpreted about three ways- I shall not desire other shepherds, I shall not want my wants, only Gods needs, and dont put the world first and the Word second ( seek ye first the kingdom of heaven , and then all these things shall be added unto to you). Perhaps I can combine all three . A holy God does not want us to want most of what we want, because if our worldly wants exceed our eternal needs, they may become our god ( another Jesus , 2 Cor. 11: 4 ) , because we are told not to love the world and its things ( 1 John 2: 15-17) !! Beyond all of this, the best way to " insure " is for the remnant to use its own money with group funds , and to go " against the grain of a society" that has gone mad with corruption. I recently heard a quote that is rather profound, and it could apply to a lot of entities, even besides the ins. companies ( this includes far too many churches)-- " when you are making a huge profit, you are taking advantage of someone! " We are merchandising the word of God today for profit and 1Cor. 10: 33 says " Even as I please all men in all things , not seeking mine own profit, but the profit of many, that they may be saved." If you want to read the " final word on this ", check out Rev. 18: 11-14. The extortion that goes on in the ins. company racket has eternal consequences. 1 Cor. 6: 10 is quite clear. " Thieves, covetous, drunkards, fornicators, revilers, OR EXTORTIONERS , shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven . " Sobering or what?

I want to conclude with eight verses. Philippians 4: 5 says let your moderation be known. 1 Tim. 6: 6-8 says contentment is good. 2 Cor. 10: 13-15 reads, " But we will not boast of things without our measure, but according to the measure of the rule which God hath distributed to us, a measure to reach even unto you. For we stretch not ourselves beyond our measure , as though we reached not unto you, for we are come as far as to you also in preaching the gospel of Christ. Not boasting of things without our measure , that is, of other mens labors, but having hope, when your faith is increased , that we shall be enlarged by you according to our rule abundantly. " Psalms 20: 4 says God will grant us the desires of our hearts, BUT BE VERY CAREFUL, FOR THE HEART IS DECEIT-


The criminals in this nation are not so much the ones " wearing ski masks ( burglars ), sitting in mosques ( Arabs ) , poaching muskys ( fisherman ) , or carrying muskets ( gun owners ). Its the over-educated agents, bankers, and politicians " wearing three peice material , sitting in your midst, poaching your money, and carrying markers !! Gogs insurance or Gods assurance. The choice is yours.


I invite all who visit my web site to check out the color images of the art by clicking " art gallery." Photo samples and catalogues can be mailed also, if you include postage and copy expenses. Commissions are accepted and a subscription for a years ( 5 or 6) reports is 20 dollars or any donation you desire. An order form is on the site.


There are no " sacred cows " as topics here. Anything from " Apostasy, and Apple bobbing to Zeus worship and Zucchini picking is appropriate! I am open to suggestions for any other ones. I will look at the " freedom " we have today in the next printing. If you want copies of back issues, they are available .


Christ chose me on Aug. 27,1994. The main reason for this endeavor is to bring sinners to Christ, proclaim His return, uphold the Word of God, expose apostasy and apostates, and promote the New Testament , home assemblies. This God -given gift of " painting and printing" has progressed since age 6. Global short-wave,web streams, street ministries, pro-life groups, Constitutional groups, "underground " newspapers, prophesy groups, investigative groups, amd , most vital, the Bible, has given me the sources. All of my sources can be contacted if  you want the info. This ministry is to be " informative, interactive, and interesting, " plus educational. Trust Christ and turn from your sins, and be careful a false gospel does not lead you to a false salvation! The Bible is your book of salvation ( or damnation ), Gods prophetic plan , and your rulebook for life. May God bless you.


(1) If you add up the munber of U.S. govt. branches, whats the final number? The Executive and the cabinet have 15, the Legislative has 535, and the Judicial has 116. The total is, you guessed it, 666!

(2) Why did the " Christians " want to kill Gideon? The book of Judges has the answer to this. In verses 30 and 31, it says the reason they wanted his life ended WAS BECAUSE HE CAST DOWN AN ALTAR OF BAAL and cut down the grove that was by it!! This is another example of how deceived some can get. Gideon obeyed God and , according to the masses, disobeyed man, and we are at that point in America now! Gideon went on to win a major war for God. The masses did not learn from this. Check out chapter 8, verses 33-35 for a shocking result.

(3) What is the connection between Psalms 109: 8, 69: 25, and Acts 1: 20? The first verse in an imprecatory appeal against a ruling, wicked, adversary. Peter and the remaining 10 apostles quoted from Psalms 69: 25 in Acts 1: 20! They used this action to replace the betrayer ( Judas Iscariot ) with a new follower. His name was Matthias.


(1) When will Bush and freinds bring peace to the Middle East?

(2) What is hidden in the Homeland " Security " logo?

(3) Can a holy God deceive a prophet?

(4) Where does Christ talk about the " bread of life ?"

(5) NOTES AND QUOTES: I see the " conservative Christians " elected " Arnie Shcarzee as gov. , despite the fact he was " endorsed by the Bohemian Grove Satanists, admires Hitler, is pro-queer, pro-abortion, has direct Rothschild connections , and has posed nude in homosexual magazines!! The delusion continues. They are having a global conference with about 20 " leaders " on Oct.20 in Indonesia with Bush attending. They are hiring only 20,000 personnal for security. That comes out to 1000 per person! Make Christ first, not last, and be among the first to last!

(6) A HALF A LAFF OR AN AMPLE SAMPLE: If we would have had the insurance laws that we have today in Noahs day, the ark would not have been allowed to be built! A diet definition: Get away from the " fast food and food fast " instead. On some Swanson frozen dinners, this is written, " Serving suggestion: Defrost !" To sum up our greed-based existence, I saw this on a truck bug shield on August 13 of this year, " never enuff !"My input- God will " have enuff " real soon.


D.I.S.C.E.R.N. is Domestic Independence, Second Coming, Eschatology, Revelation, Nationalism.