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                                                                                                    MARCH 2005

Dear friends,

Well, since my last report, we have seen the wrath of God hit Asia, and as usual the main focus now , even in the churches, is to throw money at the problem, instead of preaching Christ and his soon return! This example of the wrath of God will not wake most up to the times we are in, and it will only solidify what the Bible says. Jeremiah says my judgements will not be known , but will be ignored by most of the sheep on the planet and in this nation! This is in Jer. 5: 4 and 8: 7. Even here in Wis. , a week after the " quaking and waking ", the Christians have more attention on an entertainment where men in tights fight over a pigskin bladder on plastic grass ( football ) than on reality.

I want to touch on a topic for this issue that will also cause "division in the ranks ", but so be it. This is to be what God says, not what I " feel " about it. I am going to negate my usual introduction and " jump headfirst into the battle bunker ! "


Now before most of you stop reading at the title, let me say this. The Bible is quite clear on this and it occurs in both testaments with lots of verses. I will print two from each time period, and to make this essay short , the rest will be listed , but not typed . This is also being done to save on space. I ask you to use your King James Bible to follow along with what God says.

Deuteronomy 22: 5 , " The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God. "

Isaiah 3: 12, " As for my people, children are their oppressors, and woman rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to error, and destroy the way of thy paths."

1 Timothy 2: 12, " But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence."

Titus 2: 5, " To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the wordof God be not blasphemed."

Since the news media is a controlled, money-making charade, it is obvious that the fact they want to " renew " the draft, make it a mandatory law for all graduates , and even draft females , has not made the front of too many papers! The bill numbers for this are S89 and HR63. These bills were " introduced " to the Senate and the House ( but not to us, the people they want to use for N.W.O. false peace fraud actions ) in April of 2004. It's a sure bet the vast majority of busy Americans were more focused on the " cool " football draft , a cool draft beer, or a cool draft in the window than this one! And since the " representatives " ( in D.C. ) do not represent us, the Constitution , or what the Bible says anymore, I will now move on to what God says.

The Deut. verse is quite clear. We all expose abortion, buggery ( sodomy ), and cloning as an abomination, but we see the " a " word used here too. The " ABC's of the last days might also include the " D " for the draft. With this verse , I also assume it refers to combat and fighting " garments " too. And if you read the whole chapter of Isa. 3, you will see what can happen to a" city, a military, a society, or a country " when they allow sodomites and girls to " fool and rule." And if you think the Tim. and Titus verses are being obeyed by the churches today, you must be " sleeping at the switch ." These two verses also coincide with 1 Tim. 5: 14 At this time I will list other verses for this topic. Ezodus 30: 11-16 was an act of faith to pay a tax that God would protect the soldiers! But today we pay taxes to the antichrist United Nations to " not protect " our soldiers. Leviticus 18: 22 says it is a sin for man to lie with man and woman with woman, but now we have sodomites in the military, and Bush has no problem with it! And here are some verses in the book of Numbers-- 1: 1-3, and verse 20 deal with the ages of who is to go off to war ( 20 yrs of age ) . Chapter 31 ( verses 26,-27 and 49-50 ) show the way they dealt with war spoils. Some other verses in Deut. are profound too-- Chapter 20: 1-4 says to let God fight for you, against your enemies. WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU HEARD THE PENTAGON SAY THIS? Deut. 28: 1,2 says God blesses obedience. But he curses disobedience ( 15-20 .) Verses 45-50 is some most of the sheep in this  nation choose to be in denial about ( it can't happen here ) and it refers to foreign nations bringing destruction to other nations. We now have many, many foreign troops training here, and have hundreds of concentration camps on our soil, AND RIGHT NOW THEY ARE EMPTY, READERS! First Samuel 8 is a good read on what can hap-pen to a nation when they allow the military to become run by evil kings, instead of by God. They wanted a kingover them , SO GOD GAVE THEM ONE!

Psalms has some good passages too for us. Ps. 22: 28 says the Lord is the governor among the nations. And today it is over 2000 years later, and all the govts. of the globe are under the rulership of Satan because the sheep seek many gods ( mostly money and " benefits " ). Jeremiah has some verses for us too , as in 10: 7-10 we see where God sends his wrath on nations and they " wont be able to abide " ( escape ) his wrath! And chapter 21: 4-10 says God will set his face against an evil city. Habakkuk 1: 5-10 matches Deut. 28: 45-50 where the Lord will bring in another nation to destroy a nation. And in the military, the govt. here has broken many rules in the name of " stopping terror! " In Acts 22: 24-28 , we see the Roman govt. breaking its own rules to convict Paul, but that is almost  trivial to what is happening today! Can you as a Christian go into " active duty " to please men? Galations 1: 10 says no. Yet , even though God creates evil and sends it for his glory ( Isa. 45: 7, Amos 3: 6 ) , it does not mean we are to just ignore it, even in corrupt military mandates!

Now for some " wind on the draft .' This has become a volatile issue, because the church has become so numb on what God says and what history has proven. Are we to resist this? The following paragraphs will say yes. A question for all the Christians reading this-- Do you think you will be " obeying God " by letting a global govt. draft your daughters into combat roles, and into unconstitutional wars that have no chance of " ending terror ? " We cant even stop street gang murders in New York, and the Mafia influence is proven to be real here too, but we ignore that. The bible has a verse for us to consider. Lets quote Malachi 4: 6, " And he shall turn theheart of the father to the children , and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse." Are we " inviting the curse " or is it already here? The word " lest " here means " or else!" Now for some facts on our children today. When most of them are still in diapers, we put them in govt. run day care centers.

Then we let the govt. " public " schools teach them to be NWO sheep. Then the college brothels not only steal the person's morality, but also thousands of dollars of tuition. Dating has replaced courting, and the youth groups , nursuries, and teen sessions divides the famllies in the churches! We have lost our natural affection for our daughters and do not even know it, even though it is so obvious. The Social Security numbers, birth certificates, and even a marraige license makes them all wards of the state. State fatherhood is Godless and cultic. The govt. strings attached to all of this makes men become effeminate. A quote sums it up- " with sheckles comes shackles, and with schillings comes killings." A verse is Matthew 23: 9 for us. The state depends on dependency for it to sustain itself and even the Christians have become parasites. We lose the power of God when we allow the state to give us our every need.

I need to define the word " war " in this report, with some other information on it. There is a war on for our minds, and we are getting " brain-washed by antichrist, instead of blood-washed by Jesus Christ." The " war on terror " is just as fake and fraudulent as " professional"wrestling! When a govt. forces us to fight a war that we know is unjust that is a sign of tyranny, and when it is not declared by Congress it is an unjust war, PERIOD! Can a war continue to be " just " when they continue change the reason to make it just? James 1: 8 says no. When any nation ( the U.S. now ) is the agressor, they have to change the reasons just to stay agressive. Did we learn from Vietnam? Korea? Granada? Iraq 1? Civil War? In the " civil " war , the cry went from " preserve the union " to " free the slaves." Today the Iraq mess has been changed from " stop terror," to " war on liberation " to " install democracy" to " bring free elections! " Whats next? How about a war for a " Clinton-run govt.? " Sorry for the sarcasm, but I hope you see my point. For us to try to force peace all over the globe ( with guns ) is rank hypocrisy, while we murder over 4000 babies ( abortion ) per day!

Lets study the word " treason " for a few minutes, and see how to apply it to today, using the Bible as our standard. A quote by John Knox ( reformation Father and preacher ) is in order here! " Let it here be noted that the prophet of God sometimes may teach treason against Kings and yet neither he nor such as obey the Word spoken in the Lord's name by him, offend God. But here be assured that all is not lawful nor just that is statute by civil laws, neither yet is everything sin before God, which ungodly persons allege to be treason. !" Now when you expose the obvious treasonous activities of any Godless govt, they will turn it around to say you are the traitor. Are we to get an exemption ( from being drafted , which most of the hypocrites in D.C. obtain ), flee to another nation, go to jail.or be persecuted for obeying God? I will choose the fourth option myself. Roman 13 has been so twisted over the last 100 years, its beyond description. If we just isolate the first 2 verses of this chapter, that is bad hermeneutics.

Other verses can also " offset " this quite plainly. Did this " blaime the treason on the good guy " ever occur in the bible? Some obscure verses in first and second Kings, and second Chronicles are proof! This situation is referred to twice in 2 Kings 11: 14 and 2 Chron. 23: 13. Here the wicked ruler called the people the traitors, when it was the ruler who was the culprit! This is also in 1 Kings 16: 20. So it has gone on for thousands of years and if you perceive it as "not in existence" now, you have lived a lie. Even Jefferson Davis was tried for treason, but the court said he had a right to secede from the union!

A recent survey ( instead of " what does God say" ) on a " Christian " radio staion , about the drafting of women , got these " biblical " responses--- " We live in different times now. The women wanted this equality, so let them go to war. With all that the " good " govt. and big brother has done for us, we should be willing to give them our girls." Out of the 15 or 20 calls taken only one man said this--- " My girls will be drafted over my dead body! "

So there you have it. What a sad, sad church we see now with all of its INCORPORATED ABOMINATIONS. I have a personal interest in this. God has given me and my wife 3 children. On Feb. 25 of this year, I called into a global short-wave broadcast, without being aware of the topic to be discussed. Hudson and Cindy Sheehan were being interviewed. Their son was killed in Iraq and his name was Casey. They are now exposing this unconstitutional " war on terror " ( its all about oil, and the terror has only increased ) at the expense of loss of freinds, open ridicule, and being called " traitors ." I have a son named Casey and he is 17. Need I say more?

In conclusion, a book by Herbert Schlossberg ( Idles for Destruction ) exposes how the state has become the " replacement father " of most of the children today in Amerika. This reality is not of God. The fact that Saddam " Insane " was captured does make you or I any " free- er " than jailing one abortionist will make the babies " safer."

Psalm 127: 3 says " children are a heritage of the Lord's." Heritages of the Lord's or inheritances of the lords. The choice is yours.


Christ chose me on Aug. 27, 1994. The objective here is to bring sinners to Christ, proclaim His soon return, expose apostasy and apostates, and promote the New Testament home churches. My sources are numerous, but I only use the uncontrolled formats ( short-wave, web streams, underground broadcasts , home church reports) for the truth. The bible is a book of salvation ( or damnation ), God's prophetic plan, and your rulebook for life. Trust Christ  today!

I invite you to visit my web site for " printings and paintings " I do accept commissions, donations , ( its 20 dollars per year to subscribe , or whatever you can afford ), suggestions, and any interaactive activity. Being out of work has not allowed me to put out many reports the past year!


(1) What is " better ", your day of birth, or your day of death? Eccl. 7: 1 says the day of death is!

(2 Were Simon and Peter married? Luke 4: 38 and Matt. 8: 14 say yes!

(3) Where did the term " lip service " come from? Matt. 15: 8,9.

(4) What group of converts burned their magic books ? The Ephesians simply obeyed Duet. 18: 9-12. This was done in Acts 19: 19. Notice the term " curious arts " in this verse. I was told this means " magic ." And today there is magic shows in the churches!! And as far as other books today, at least 90% of the books in the " Christian " bookstores ( this includes Lahaye's fiction ) ought to be " ashed " too.


(1) What is the first sin in the bible, and how does this affect this nation?

(2) Are there any homosexuals working in the current U.S. federal offices?

(3) How many words are in the I.R.S tax code?

(4) Where was John the Revelator rebuked for being impressed by the whorish Babylon?

(5) NOTES AND QUOTES: " One cross Two bear, Three nails, Fourgiven ! If your papers are " in order " with Gov., you are " in disorder with God !" ( INC. CHURCH ). I see a state law was recently passed in Illinois that your " church " has to hire so many sodomites on staff to " equalize " things! Other verses to use to expose the female draft are Nehemiah 5: 1-7 and 10: 29,30.

(6) A HALF A LAFF OR AN AMPLE SAMPLE: Ad for a Lutheran church here- " State Licensed Christian Curriculum. " The newest " fad " to raise money for churches today is for men to dress up like Shirley Temple. A Temple in the temple! Sign for a rummage sale--- Get rid of those things not worth keeping around the house.

Dont forget your husbands! A rebuke of Catholicism-- " Mary, Mary , quite contrary, how does your garbage grow?"



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