Dear friends,

As the title of this indicates, I will focus on the word, discern, and why it is so significant today. God’s word clearly states that apostasy will infiltrate the Church of Jesus Christ in these last days. We are to examine all things and try to seek “ God’s absolutes, not man’s obsoletes.” 1 Thessalonians 5: 21 says to “ prove all things and hold fast to that which is good.” The word “ all “ means a lot today, because almost all that is occurring today is not of God! Evil is becoming good, good is becoming evil, evil prophets are becoming good, and good prophets are becoming evil. The word discern occurs 26 times in the Bible and means “ a divine skill of separating God’s ways from man’s ways. “ God’s plan will be fullfilled and we have to ask ourselves , are we going to fullfill it for “ Jesus Christ or antichrist! “ A holy God is not going to apologize for His judgement on Sodom and Gomorrah. The sands in the MM hourglass logo are running out, so OUR REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH.

In regards to my small-town perspective, I have heard put it forth that you have to go big colleges or relocate to D.C., L.A., or N.Y. , or some other large center of “ affluence or influence “ , to be credible. I beg to differ. Too many young Christians get their simple faith destroyed by the Bible seminaries. Most should be called Bible cemeteries, instead. Christ had a very limited ministry, geographically, but surely not spiritually. Let us listen to God for truth and not be swayed by “ conservative “ personalities, two- party ( they are both the same now ) political agendas, man-made faith, over-sized media centers, millionaire T.V. “ evangelists “, church doctrines, or denominational mission statements! We can contend for the faith no matter where we are. Paul the apostle received some of his best inspiration in a dungeon.


“ The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek., he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted , to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound. To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lordand the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn. “ ISAIAH 61: 1,2 ( This verse matches Luke 4: 18 and 19)

“ Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If you continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed . And ye shall know the truth , and the truth shall make you free.” JOHN 8: 31

“ But the Comforter , which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach all things , and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. “ JOHN 14: 26

“ Art thou called being a servant ? care not for it. , bit if thou mayest be made free, use it rather.For he that is called in the Lord, being a servant, is the Lord’s freeman, likewise also he that iscalled , being free, is Christs servant. “ 1 COR. 7: 21, 22

“ But take heed lest by any means this liberty of yours become a stumbling-block to them that are weak. “ 1 COR. 8: 9

“ Now the Lord is that Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty..” 2 COR.3: 17

Before I attempt to “ set the captives free “ with this essasy on freedom, let me qualify something. As far as “ freedom “ goes, true freedom is in Christ only, not in Godless governments that are in power across the globe now! This does not totally negate the patriot movement, but it will be of no effect if it is without Christ. All of the verses above do promote the spiritual freedom, but this does not negate some physical freedoms that we need to cherish also. As we get nearer to Christs return, our freedoms ( both spiritual and physical ) will diminish . The fact that they will disappear at such a gradual rate will give us the impression we are still free, BUT WE WONT BE FREE, because most of the global sheep like bondage more than freedom! Most of the inhabitants of the earth are “ in bondage to the world “ already because they love the world and all its greed and have too much pride in life ( and this includes far too many “ Christians “ ). The verses in 1 John 2 : 15 and 16 are quite explicit. “ Love not the world nor the things of the world . “ It says in verse 16 that the pride of life is of the world , so that means if you have a life of pride, YOU ARE NOT OF THE FATHER!! We now have a false freedom to match the false peace today.

I intend to quote from a lot of articles for this printing, so if anyone wants the proof, you will have to contact me. The quotes from a lot of deceived individuals will shock you. True liberty remains only a paper concept unless it is secured and defended in a tangible and visible way! Flying a U.S. flag stuck out your car window , a homosexual marching in a July 4th parade, saluting the statue of liberty, or reciting a pagan “ pledge of allegiance “ to a flag does not make anyone anymore “ free- er “! Even true liberty in the Lord sometimes takes more than just prayer.

Perhaps a review of the action that David took against a man named “ good old Golly “ would be recommended here. I have about 20 sources and reports to quote from , but if you include even more Biblical historical proof, and other articles, it could easliy be over 20,000! Almost all of the reports did not make the front page of “ Christianity “ Today, your local “ bluespaper “, Readers “ Indigestion “, or your local company “ bull “ etin reports. Since my ministry reports only the hard truth that pleases God ( not the soft lies that pleases man) I do not expect a lot of feedback from my readers. I am constsntly amazed how false prophets like Benny Hinn, Dobson, or Crouch can take in millions ( thats money and men ! ) and still be on the air, or I should say, “ on the error ! “ All I ask is that you at least consider these matters , but if you choose to not “ pay for the truth “ ( copies, stamps, mailings, etc.) , please DO NOT IGNORE THE TRUTH!

Being in denial about your freedoms and rights is dangerous. Less than 1o 2 % of the folks who get these reports actually give donations, but it will not stop my verbal warnings. My reading of Ezekiel 3 and 33 justify that the truth must go out ! For the sake of saving space, I will give each report a title, and a few brief comments on each one. All are available for you to obtain , SO ASK !! ( I hate to sound demanding, but there is far more to life than “ Christ Mass “ parties, church Super Bowl parties, or video games , while our liberties are being stolen daily. ) Common sense says as the New World Order antichrist system gets bigger and bigger, our freedoms will get smaller and smaller !

NEW WORLD ORDER TROOPS. This report sent to me from sister Dvorah in Alaska proves that we are moving to a global govt. and it is coming so fast that most will not see it. All of the U.S. troops who now are in the world ( we now have troops in almost 140 nations !) are not in it for our rights here in this nation . Lets say you , as a Christ follower, have a grand-daughter “ serving “ in the Navy in Japan . Her presence over there does not give me or you any more “ freedom “ here , anymore than the Pope’s presence in Rome makes a Catholic more “ holier “ over here! Its all a huge charade and the New World Order agenda makes all of our so-called “ freedom fighters “ puppets for an evil cause. If you want some evidence of this fact, go to a military recruiting office in your town and get out a copy of the Constitution ( or give then some bible tracts ) and see how you are treated ! I have done it and I challenge others to do the same. These poor souls have become so brainwashed, it is beyond comprehension.

THE MILITARY DRAFT. A bill was proposed in October of 2003 to introduce the draft, AND MAKE IT MANDATORY FOR ALL PERSONS OVER 18! Notice I said the word “ ALL “. Hay , brothers and sisters, this includes your daughters. Do you want your children to serve under U.N. commanders for other nations ? God doesn’t. The entire report is long, and you need to read it if you care about your children. So if you want it, contact me. Bush has no intention of sending one to you. U.S. POST OFFICE SOCIALISM. This proves that the U.S.P.O. is exceeding its powers to invade some of our privacy rights all in the name of “ fighting terrorism “. Too new programs are being tested to trace mail and even have you watched if you “ seem suspicious enough “ to a mail postal worker! Its all part of the evil syrtem. U.S. FLAGS WITH GOLD FRINGE. Even some “ churches “ have these flags hanging on a pole. The U.S. codes, regulations, and statutes prove that these flag displays are MILITARY in meaning. So any courtroom that displays them is a military courtroom under military law and not constitutional, common, or civil law!

CLINTONS GLOBAL CONSTITUTION. Bill Clinton ( a U.S. Ahab ) signed a new constitution that has the following “ ingredients “--- Climate warming, sustainable development, U.N. Treaty ratification, international law mandates, etc. This was integrated into 34 other nations, which , in reality , totally negates our Constitution ( the one the Minute Men died for in 1776 )!! This was done without any Congressional approval or public involvement and was signed on 4-19-98 and is to be put into action by 2005. So, brothers and sisters, will you obey Jesus Christ and Constitution or antichrist and reconstitution? We will soon find out who you will serve! A good verse for this is in Matthew 6: 24. A HERB TITUS REPORT. This 4 page essay by brother Herb ( a friend who I had dinner with about 4 years ago, who has run for V.P. and who is now defending judge Moore, as his lawyer ) is called “ WHY I AM NOT A COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATIVE, AND WHY YOU SHOULD NOT BE ONE EITHER !” This very well written article kind of matches Ron Paul’s report on the evil NEO-CONS in that they both confirm that the so-called “ republican christian conservatives “ are doing more to destroy our nation than the liberal democrats!! The truth offends, but so be it.

MUSLIM YOUTH CAMPS. Some of these are to be built so the Moslems can teach thier young people about Islamic “ culture and heritage.” This is that” peaceful religion” that Bush , Jerry Falwell, and Paul Harvey ( and millions more) promote. This is being done all in the name of “ freedom of religion ! “ If you do any historic research at all, this freedom origInally only meant Christ, here in America, NOT ALL CULTS!

The Pilgrims came here to escape persecution for trying to serve Christ, not to serve the Roman Catholic or the Church of Englands gods. If they were alive today ( in the U.S.), they might even consider moving out again!! Oh, I did forget to mention that these camps are to built here in Iowa by the feds. We already have over 1500 mosques in this nation. Some universities are also getting millions in grants to fund these camps.

Now that the true Christ of the bible has been pushed aside to make way for the false christs ( the prosperity christ, rock and roll christ, incorporated christ, Xmass christ, the Ishtar , easter , christ, homosexual christ, republican christ, conservative christ, etc.) , anything goes. All religions and all the other christs will send you to hell . All religions from Allah to Zen are now “ cool “ here in Babylon America, but it wont be real “ cool “ if you go to the wrong eternity. We can build these “ cramps “ here, but I challenge some of the millionaire U.S. “ evangelists “ to go to Saudi Arabia and try to erect a church there. Enuff said.

WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION QUOTE. General Tommy Franks ( a former military officer with 40 years experience, now retired ) gave an interview on 11-21-3 which talked about WMD. He said a WMD attack on our nation would totally negate the Constitution and would bring in martial law and a military form of government. I also have access to videos and books that confirm the existence of many concentration camps in this nation.

FREEDOMS LOST SINCE 9-11. The ignorance and delusion of the blind sheep here in this nation is beyond words when it comes to liberty. Here is a list of the freedoms that have been “ signed and inked away .” Association, information, speech, a right to legal representation, freedom from unreasonable searches, right to a speedy and public trial, privacy rights, and peaceful protest rights. I have many examples of these for your information. THIS IS REALITY NOW! The first sign of lost freedoms is the stealing of your land, and its been in progress here for decades.The feds own almost 70% of the land west of the Mississippi now and the “ zoning laws “ we have are Godless tyranny!! God has some rules and examples about this in the following verses--- Deuteronomy 19: 14, 27: 17, 1 Kings 21, Nehemiah 5, and Proverbs 22: 28 and 23: 10. An example of protest freedoms happened in Florida around November 20 of this year. Peaceful protesters were beaten , fined, and arrested by police SIMPLY FOR PROTESTING the N.W.O. “ free “ trade talks. Any nation that can shoot rubber bullets at peaceful Christians and non-Christians, but allow gay “ pride “ parades IS OVER-RIPE FOR JUDGEMENT! The military tanks patrolled the streets in Miami , and you were under the lie that they are only “ on duty “ in Iraq!?

CIVIL WAR FACTS. Who was the first president to blatantly disobey the Constitution? Truman ( a Mason ), FDR, Clinton, Bush? No, it was honest Abe Lincoln. You must remenber one vital , consistent “ given .” Whoever “ wins “ the war, rewrites the history books! Perhaps we even need to tell our home schooled children the following historical facts. Abe and the Republican Party used the slavery issue to advance one objective-to establish a consolidated federal government ! He also abused the 2nd amendment ( confiscated firearms), gutted the 9th and 10th amendments and imprisoned newspaper writers for opposing his decision to invade the South without Congressional consent!

Hmmmm!! Sounds very similar to Korea, Vietnam, Granada, Iraq, Afganistan, AND IRAQ AGAIN, RIGHT? And in 1971, Nixon passed the “ Revenue Sharing Act “ and gave the states even less rights . This also instituted some U.N. regionalism into the equation. This has been described as totalitarianism by many. And they are correct. The Christians today “ go with the R party “, despite the fact of the sodomite prostitution ring scandal during the Reagan-Bush years ( covered up ), the 1950’s child sex Franklin cover-up, and the unprecedented gains by the homosexuals today! My bible says things will wax worse and worse, so includes the R party, and they have had over 150 years to “ get worser “, so we better wake up to the reality we have today!

U.S. NAZISM. Whether you want to hear it or not, I have the many reports to prove it. THE sIMILARITIES , PARALLELS, AND PRECEDENTS ARE SHOCKING! All nations are going down the same path. The “ christian” pastors of Germany assumed Hitler was a Christian!!! And today we have the 501c3, licensed, registered, incorporated, silent pastors doing the same thing. Case closed and enuff said.

THE COMING U.S. DICTATORSHIP ( PATRIOT ACTS 1 AND 2, HOMELAND SECURITY ACT ) . Well brothers and sisters , these bills have already become law and hardly anyone has a clue! These 3 Nazi-style mandates are here to atay and they consist of hundreds and hundreds of pages of outright Communism. If you do not want to read them, then contact your D.C. “ representatives “, but if you want to read them, you will have to contact me.

Its that simple! They have taken away all of our rights to make sure we are “ safe from terrorism !” I have 2 quotes from someone --- “ I tell you, freedom and human rights in America are doomed. The U.S. govt. will lead the American people , and the West in general , into an unbearable hell and a choking life.” AND “ Americans love life, that is their weakness. We love death. That is our strength! “ The answer will come at the end of this newsletter.

THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE SIGNERS. Most of the Minute Men and the 56 signers had a war motto—“ no king, but King Jesus !!” (Is that being recited in Iraq today?) Did they all live a “ HEALTHY, WEALTHY,  AND STEALTHY LIFE “ after the war. Here are some of the “ blessings “ they received for pledging away thier lives, fortunes, and honor to give us our nation over 230 years ago. Homes ransacked and burned. Sons killed and captured in the war. Ships destroyed. Poverty at retirement. Vandalism to property. Wives jailed. Families divided. How many Christians ( if we could take them back in time ) would follow Paul Revere on his horse and help warn the populace? Sobering , right?

Hey, freinds, freedom is anything BUT FREE! I have a 2 page report on this. In a large degree , this report was not written to “ take back America “ as so many liars in the apostate churches say today. And I will get the usual drivel that says, “ you need to drop politics and just preach Jesus! “ This has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with “ knowing who your enemy is ! “ A quote to consider yet--- “ Beware of the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizens, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all their rights unto the leader and gladly so. How do I know? I have done this. And I am JULIUS CAESAR” All you have to do is apply this to today. Jesus told us to reveal hypocrisy and to proclaim it from the rooftops in Luke 12: 2 and 3. “ Am I therefore become your enemy , because I tell you the truth ?” Galations 4 : 16. You can either get the lies for free ( ISAIAH 30: 10 ) or buy the truth and keep it for your future benefit as it says in Proverbs 23 : 23. The quote from “ good ole Jules C. “ shows his massive amount of pride and arrogance, and he was set up for destruction by God. Brutus was the man who killed Caesar and it was so surprising to most. The U.S. is at this very time is being “ set up “ for massive judgement and if you apply all that I have written to today , you are not to be surprised when it does happen! The false patriotism we have in this nation is part of the strong delusion that God has sent, SO DONT FALL FOR IT! After reading all of this, and you still have “ trust “ in our “ system of govt “ I cant help you. SORRY!

As I said earlier, if you really care about people, you will get the reports , spread the word, warn the saints, get copies, and ask for my tapes. This ministry runs on a shoe-string, kitchen-table budget, with no staff, no license, no salaries, and no board of directors. The only person “ running this “ is God , and I go by his power only, not man’s. In conclusion , I have two more scriptures sandwiched around a great quote from John Quincy Adams. Hosea 6: 4. “ My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee. That thou shalt be no priest to me, seeing that thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children!” My comments—If you say no to “ instruction “, you say yes to “ destruction .” J.Q.A. QUOTE ON FREEDOM— “America goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the FREEDOM and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. She well knows that by once enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even  the banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of extrication in all wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy and ambition, which assume the colors and usurp the standards of FREEDOM! “ My comments—This is why I do not support this war in Iraq . The “ monsters “ we have here are doing more to destroy “ us “, and yet we just ignore them. I HAVE CONCLUDED ITS NOT THE TERRORISTS, TOURISTS, “ TERRIBLES”, OR TARGETS WE NEED TO WATCH, ITS THE TYRANTS. J.Q.A was right. Luke 5: 11. “ And when they had brought theirships to land, they forsook all, and followed him ( Christ ). The Minute Men and the signers of the D.O.I. had a lot in common with the disciples here. Note the word “ALL”. They forsook it all . WILL YOU!?


(1) Will Bush and his friends bring peace to the Middle East? NO! Many verses for this. See Isaiah 57: 21 , 1Thess. 5: 3 , Matt. 10: 34 to name three.

(2) Whats hidden in the Homeland Security logo? A Nazi swastika. Texe Marrs has this documented.

(3) Can God deceive prophets? YES!! See Ezekiel 14: 5.

(4) Where does Christ talk about the “ bread of life “? This is in John 6: 26, 27. This whole chapter deals with this. Jesus points out the differences between “ physical hunger and spiritual hunger .”


(1) Who armed Iraq over 20 years ago ?

(2) Can you name the “ good ingredients “ in the flu shot?

(3) Who was the Bush families” business partner “ in the oil business over 20 years ago?

(4) NOTES AND QUOTES: The answer to who said the quote in the paragraph on the Patriot Acts is a an named Osama Bin Laden! Even he has that right while the worldly U.S. church sleeps on! We truely live in perilous times when a terrorist sees it better than we do!

(5) A HALF A LAFF OR AN AMPLE SAMPLE: Three “ funnies “ for you all. The evil “ RINGS “ movie is teaming up with the silly VEGGIE TALE “ministry .” It is to be called “ Lord of the Onion Rings .” The Palestinians are training kids as young as 4 or 5 to be suicide terrorists. A new meaning of the term “ baby boomer ?” We now have witches hired as prison chaplains in this nation. When they “ counsel “ the prisoners , I guess they have a “ captive audience “ in more ways than one ( spiritually and physically)!


D.I.S.C.E.R.N. is Domestic Independence,Second Coming,Eschatology,Revelation,Nationalism.